Securities Law

31-102CP - National Registration Database [CP]

Published Date: 2009-09-25
Effective Date: 2009-09-28

Concurrently Published:

Part 1 Purpose

The purpose of NI 31-102 is to establish requirements for the electronic submission of registration information through NRD. References in this policy to "we" mean the securities regulatory authority and regulator.

Part 2 Production of NRD Filings

The securities legislation of several jurisdictions contains a requirement to produce or make available an original or certified copy of information filed under the securities legislation. We consider that it may satisfy such a requirement in the case of information filed in NRD format by providing a printed copy or other output of the information in readable form that contains or is accompanied by a certification by the securities regulatory authority or regulator that the printed copy or output is a copy of the information filed in NRD format.

Part 3 Date of Filing

We think that information filed in NRD format is, for purposes of securities legislation, filed on the day that the transmission of the information to NRD is completed.

Part 4 Official Copy of NRD Filings

For purposes of securities legislation, securities directions or any other related purpose, we think that the official record of any information filed in NRD format by an NRD filer is the electronic information stored in NRD.

Part 5 Authorized Firm Representative as Agent

We think that when making an NRD submission an AFR is an agent of the firm or individual to whom the filing relates.

Part 6 Ongoing Firm Filer Requirements

We expect that firm filers will follow the processes set out in the NRD User Guide to:

(a) enrol with the NRD administrator;

(b) keep their enrolment information current; and

(c) keep their NRD account information current.

Part 7 Commodity Futures Act Submissions

In Ontario and Manitoba , if a person or company is required to make a submission under both NI 31-102 and OSC Rule 31-509 (Commodity Futures Act), or in Manitoba, MSC Rule 2000-1 (Commodity Futures Act), with respect to the same information, the securities regulatory authority is of the view that a single filing on a form required under either rule satisfies both requirements.


[Amended September 28, 2009]