Securities Law

51-102F2 - Annual Information Form [F - Rescinded] - For financial years beginning before January 1, 2011

Published Date: 2008-03-13
Effective Date: 2008-03-17
Rescinded Date: 2011-06-30

Concurrently Published:

This is an unofficial consolidation of Form 51-102F2 Annual Information Form that does not reflect amendments made effective January 1, 2011 in connection with Canada’s changeover to IFRS. This consolidation generally applies to financial periods relating to financial years beginning before January 1, 2011. This document is for reference purposes only and is not an official statement of the law.

Table of Contents

Part 1  General Provisions

(a) What is an AIF?
(b) Date of Information
(c) Use of "Company"
(d) Focus on Material Information
(e) What is Material?
(f) Incorporating Information by Reference
(g) Defined Terms
(h) Plain Language
(i) Special Purpose Vehicles
(j) Numbering and Headings
(k) Omitting Information

Part 2  Content of AIF

Item 1  Cover Page

1.1  Date
1.2  Revisions

Item 2  Table of Contents

2.1  Table of Contents

Item 3  Corporate Structure

3.1  Name, Address and Incorporation
3.2  Intercorporate Relationships

Item 4  General Development of the Business

4.1  Three Year History
4.2  Significant Acquisitions

Item 5  Describe the Business

5.1  General
5.2  Risk Factors
5.3  Companies with Asset-backed Securities Outstanding
5.4  Companies With Mineral Projects
5.5  Companies with Oil and Gas Activities

Item 6  Dividends

6.1  Dividends

Item 7  Description of Capital Structure

7.1  General Description of Capital Structure
7.2  Constraints
7.3  Ratings

Item 8  Market for Securities

8.1  Trading Price and Volume
8.2 Prior Sales

Item 9  Escrowed Securities

9.1  Escrowed Securities

Item 10  Directors and Officers

10.1  Name, Occupation and Security Holding
10.2  Cease Trade Orders, Bankruptcies, Penalties or Sanctions
10.3  Conflicts of Interest

Item 11  Promoters

11.1  Promoters

Item 12  Legal Proceedings and Regulatory Actions

12.1  Legal Proceedings
12.2 Regulatory Actions

Item 13  Interest of Management and Others in Material Transactions

13.1  Interest of Management and Others in Material Transactions

Item 14  Transfer Agents and Registrars

14.1  Transfer Agents and Registrars

Item 15  Material Contracts

15.1  Material Contracts

Item 16  Interests of Experts

16.1  Names of Experts
16.2  Interests of Experts

Item 17  Additional Information

17.1  Additional Information

Item 18  Additional Disclosure for Companies Not Sending Information Circulars

18.1  Additional Disclosure