Securities Law

51-102F6 - Statement of Executive Compensation [F - Rescinded]

Published Date: 2004-03-30
Effective Date: 2004-03-30
Rescinded Date: 2006-12-29

Concurrently Published:

Form 51-102F6
Statement of Executive Compensation

Table of Contents

Item 1General Instructions and Interpretation
Item 2Summary Compensation Table
Item 3LTIP Awards Table
Item 4Options and SARs
Item 5Option and SAR Repricings
Item 6Defined Benefit or Actuarial Plan Disclosure
Item 7Termination of Employment, Change in Responsibilities and Employment Contracts
Item 8Composition of the Compensation Committee
Item 9Report on Executive Compensation
Item 10Performance Graph
Item 11Compensation of Directors
Item 12Unincorporated Issuers
Item 13Venture Issuers
Item 14Issuers Reporting in the United States