Securities Law

62-502F5 - Notice of Intention to Make an Issuer Bid [F Proposed - Lapsed]

Published Date: 2004-06-25
Rescinded Date: 2006-05-31
June 25, 2004Proposed
Form 62-502F5
Notice of Intention to Make an Issuer Bid

This is the form required under section 37(f) of BC Instrument 62-502 Takeover Bids and Issuer Bids
for a notice of intention to make an issuer bid.

1. Name of issuer

2. Securities sought

State the class and number of securities or principal amount of debt securities sought.

3. Time period

State, where known, the dates on which the issuer bid will commence and close.

4. Method of acquisition

State the method by which the securities will be acquired.

5. Consideration offered

State the consideration to be offered.

6. Payment for securities

State the particulars of the method and time of payment of the consideration.

7. Reasons for bid

State the purpose and business reasons for the issuer bid.

8. Acceptance of bid

State the names of every director and every officer of the issuer who intends to accept the issuer bid and, where their intention to accept the bid is known after reasonable enquiry, state the names of:
(a) every associate of every director and of every officer of the issuer,

(b) every person holding 10 per cent or more of any class of equity securities of the issuer, and

(c) every person acting jointly or in concert with the issuer who intends to accept the bid.

9. Benefits from bid

State the direct or indirect benefits to any of the persons named in item 8 of accepting or refusing to accept the issuer bid.



(1) You must prepare this notice using plain language. The Issuers Guide gives examples of how to do this.

(2) You do not need to discuss the items required in exactly the order they appear in the form if you think a different presentation will be easier to follow. However, we encourage you to organize the information according to subject matter and to include appropriate headings.

(3) You may present information in the form of a table.

(4) If more than one item requires you to disclose the same information, you need only disclose that information once.

(5) You do not need to provide disclosure about, or refer to, any item that does not apply.