Securities Law

71-502F1 - Foreign Dealers and Advisers - Risk Warning [F Proposed - Lapsed]

Published Date: 2004-06-25
Rescinded Date: 2006-05-31
June 25, 2004Proposed

Form 71-502F1
Foreign Dealers and Advisers - Risk Warning
This is the form of disclosure required under sections 2(b) and 3(c)of
BC Instrument 71-502 Exemptions for Foreign Market Participants.

_____________________ [insert name of dealer or adviser] is a foreign dealer or adviser that is exempt from the requirement under British Columbia securities laws to be registered if it complies with the laws of ____________________ [insert jurisdiction]. The securities regulator responsible for enforcing those laws is __________________ [insert name of regulator].

We may advise you or trade securities on your behalf, but you should be aware that:
  • You will not be protectedby British Columbia securities laws when dealing with us, or our representatives.
  • There may not bea domestic investor protection fund similar to the Canadian Investor Protection Fund in _____________________ [insert jurisdiction, should be same as above] or, if there is one, you may not be entitled to participate.
  • If we are incorporated, continued or otherwise organized under the laws of a foreign jurisdiction, it may be more difficult for you to take legal action against us, or our representatives, or to collect from us or them judgments obtained in British Columbia courts, than it would be if we were incorporated, continued or otherwise organized under the laws of Canada or a province or territory.
  • We, or our representatives, may be under no obligationto tell you whether an investment is suitable for you.
  • You should seek independent advice about the tax consequences of investing in foreign securities.


The jurisdiction you specify in the first paragraph of this notice must be the jurisdiction of the foreign dealer or adviser’s foreign regulator. Foreign regulator is defined in section 1 of BCI 71-502.