Securities Law

71-502F8 - Notice of Change of Status - Foreign Issuer [F Proposed - Lapsed]

Published Date: 2004-06-25
Rescinded Date: 2006-05-31
June 25, 2004Proposed
Form 71-502F8
Notice of Change of Status - Foreign Issuer

This is the form of notice required under section 14(1)of
BC Instrument 71-502 Exemptions for Foreign Market Participants.

1. Name of issuer [for issuers changing name, give former name only]:


2. Specify whether issuer is exempt foreign issuer or limited connection foreign issuer [for issuers changing foreign issuer category, give only the category before change]: _______________________________

3. Event - check all that apply:
[ ] Change of name: _____________________________ [insert new name]
[ ] Change in foreign issuer category
[ ] Change in designated foreign jurisdiction [for exempt foreign issuers only]
[ ] Change in relevant jurisdiction [for limited connection foreign issuers only]
[ ] Ceasing to rely on an exemption in BCI 71-502: __________ [specify section number of exemption no longer relying on]
4. Details of the event(s), including former and new issuer name, foreign issuer category, designated foreign jurisdiction, or relevant jurisdiction, as applicable:

5. Effective date of change:

EventEffective date



If the issuer is ceasing to rely on more than one exemption in BCI 71-502, the issuer may list under item 3 all exemptions, i.e. separate forms for each exemption are not necessary.