Securities Law

81-101F2 - Contents of Annual Information Form [F - Rescinded]

Published Date: 2008-03-13
Effective Date: 2008-03-17
Rescinded Date: 2008-09-08

Concurrently Published:

Table of Contents


Item 1: Front Cover Disclosure
Item 2: Table of Contents
Item 3: Name, Formation and History of the Mutual Fund
Item 4: Investment Restrictions
Item 5: Description of Securities Offered by the Mutual Fund
Item 6: Valuation of Portfolio Securities
Item 7: Calculation of Net Asset Value
Item 8: Purchases and Switches
Item 9: Redemption of Securities
Item 10: Responsibility for Mutual Fund Operations
Item 11: Conflicts of Interest
Item 12: Fund Governance
Item 13: Fees and Expenses
Item 14: Income Tax Considerations
Item 15: Remuneration of Directors, Officers and Trustees
Item 16: Material Contracts
Item 17: Legal and Administrative Proceedings
Item 18: Other Material Information
Item 19: Certificate of the Mutual Fund
Item 20: Certificate of the Manager of the Mutual Fund
Item 21: Certificate of Each Promoter of the Mutual Fund
Item 22: Certificate of the Principal Distributor of the Mutual Fund
Item 23: Exemptions and Approvals
Item 24: Back Cover