11-314 Update of CSA Instruments [CSA Staff Notice]

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CSA Staff Notice 11-314 May 6 2011
Published: 2011-05-06
Effective: 2011-05-06

From time to time, a local jurisdiction may amend a national or multilateral instrument to reflect changes that affect activity only in that particular local jurisdiction.  Such local amendments may nonetheless be of interest or importance beyond the local jurisdiction.  The CSA recognize that  publicly-available consolidated versions of the affected instruments, kept current to reflect the local amendments from all CSA jurisdictions, will be useful.

To that end, CSA staff intend from time to time to issue notices that:

  • identify the sections of national and multilateral instruments affected by local amendments; and
  • set out the text of the local amendments in various jurisdictions and their source.

Annex A to this notice sets out a number of changes that have already been made locally to the indicated instruments.  The text of rule consolidations on the websites of CSA members will now be updated, as necessary, to reflect these local amendments. 

Questions regarding this notice may be directed to:

Mark Wang  
British Columbia Securities Commission
Tel: (604) 899-6658

Simon Thompson
Ontario Securities Commission
Tel: (416) 593-8261

Kari Horn
Alberta Securities Commission
Tel: (403) 297-4698

Sylvia Pateras
Autorité des marchés financiers
Tel: (514) 395-0337, ext. 2536
Manon Losier
New Brunswick Securities Commission
Tel: (506) 643-7690
Barbara Shourounis
Saskatchewan Financial Services Commission
Tel: (306) 787-5842
Chris Besko
Manitoba Securities Commission
Tel: (204) 945-2561
Shirley Lee
Nova Scotia Securities Commission
Tel: (902) 424-5441