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BCN 2001/41 - BC Instrument 52-504 "Directors Review of Interim Financial Statements" [BCN - Rescinded]

Published Date: 2001-06-01
Effective Date: 2001-05-30

The OSC recently introduced a requirement for directors to review interim financial statements.  BCI 52-504 harmonizes BC’s requirements with the OSC’s requirements.  Exchange issuers are reminded that BC Form 51-901F requires the Board of Directors to approve the Quarterly and Year End Report.

BCI 52-502, which is referred to in the general notice re streamlining (see BCN 2001/40), is a temporary instrument that continues the relief currently provided in BOR#96/10 for a transitional period.

May 30, 2001



Brent W. Aitken

Ref: BOR#96/10
BCI 52-502
BCI 52-504
BC Form 51-901F
Section 3(8) Securities Rules

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