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BCN 2004/02 - Fee amendments [BCN - Rescinded]

Published Date: 2004-01-09
Effective Date: 2004-01-08
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The government has approved amendments to the Commission's fees, effective November 21, 2003.

The fee amendments

  • eliminate the reinstatement fee where an employee of a securities firm transfers to another firm within three months and increase the fee from $100 to $250 where the reinstatement occurs after three months (item 7, formerly item 9)
  • eliminate the fee for filing notices of changes in registration information (formerly item 9)
  • eliminate the fee for issuing paper replacement certificates of registration (formerly item 10)
  • remove the phrase “as defined in NI 81-102” to include all money market funds and not only those defined in NI 81-102 (item 10, formerly item 13, and item 16, formerly item 19)
  • add a reference to the reports required under MI 45-103 Capital Raising Exemptions (item 16, formerly item 19),
  • repeal the commission’s authority to pro-rate fees based on the number of calendar months for which registration is granted (section 22(3))
  • make a number of drafting changes

A revised fee checklist, which must accompany all fee payments except those made electronically through SEDAR, will be published on our website shortly.

January 8, 2004


Douglas M. Hyndman

Ref:  Securities Regulation, section 22

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