Securities Law

41-101CP - General Prospectus Requirements [CP Advance Notice - Lapsed]

Published Date: 2007-12-21
Effective Date: 2008-03-17

Concurrently Published:



PART 1  Introduction, Interrelationship with Securities Legislation, and Definitions

1.1          Introduction and purpose

1.2          Interrelationship with other securities legislation

1.3          Definitions


PART 2  General Requirements

2.1          Experience of officers and directors

2.2          Role of underwriter

2.3          Indirect distributions

2.4          Over-allocation

2.5          Distribution of securities under a prospectus to an underwriter

2.6          Certificates

2.7          Promoters of issuers of asset-backed securities

2.8          Special warrants

2.9          Offerings of convertible or exchangeable securities

2.10        Lapse date


PART 3  Filing and Receipting Requirements

3.1          Extension of 90-day period for issuance of final receipt

3.2          Confidential material change reports

3.3          Supporting documents

3.4          Consents of lawyers

3.5          Documents affecting the rights of securityholders

3.6          Material contracts

3.7          Response letters and marked-up copies

3.8          Undertaking in respect of credit supporter disclosure, including financial statements

3.9          Disclosure of investigations or proceedings

3.10        Amendments

3.11        Reduced price distributions

3.12        Licences, registrations and approvals

3.13        Registration requirements


PART 4  General Content of Long Form Prospectus

4.1          Style of long form prospectus

4.2          Pricing disclosure

4.3          Principal purposes - generally

4.4          MD&A

4.5          Distribution of asset-backed securities

4.6          Distribution of derivatives and underlying securities

4.7          Restricted securities

4.8          Credit supporter disclosure

4.9          Exemptions for certain issues of guaranteed securities

4.10        Previously disclosed material forward-looking information


PART 5  Content of Long Form Prospectus (Financial Statements)

5.1          Exemptions from financial disclosure requirements

5.2          General financial statement requirements

5.3          Interpretation of issuer - primary business

5.4          Interpretation of issuer - predecessor entity

5.5          Sufficiency of financial history included in a long form prospectus

5.6          Applications for exemption from requirement to include financial statements of the issuer

5.7          Additional information

5.8          Audit and review of financial statements included or incorporated by reference into a long form prospectus

5.9          Financial statement disclosure for significant acquisitions

5.10        Pro forma financial statements for acquisitions of a predecessor entity, a business or businesses acquired by the issuer, or other entity


PART 6  Advertising or Marketing Activities in Connection with a Prospectus Offering

6.1          Scope

6.2          The prospectus requirement

6.3          Advertising or marketing activities

6.4          Pre-marketing and solicitations of expressions of interest in the context of a bought deal

6.5          Advertising or marketing activities during the waiting period

6.6          Green sheets

6.7          Advertising or marketing activities following the issuance of a receipt for a final prospectus

6.8          Sanctions and enforcement

6.9          Media reports and coverage

6.10        Disclosure practices

6.11        Misleading or untrue statements


Appendix A            Financial Statement Disclosure Requirements for Significant Acquisitions