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Securities Law

44-101F1 - Short Form Prospectus Distributions [F - Rescinded] - For financial years beginning on or after January 1, 2011

Published Date: 2010-12-30
Effective Date: 2011-01-01
Rescinded Date: 2012-04-20

Concurrently Published:

This is an unofficial consolidation of Form 44-101F1 Short Form Prospectus reflecting amendments made effective January 1, 2011 in connection with Canada’s changeover to IFRS. The amendments apply to a prospectus that includes financial statements for periods relating to financial years beginning on or after January 1, 2011. This document is for reference purposes only and is not an official statement of the law. 

Item 1 Cover Page Disclosure

1.1 Required Language
1.2 Preliminary Short Form Prospectus Disclosure
1.3 Disclosure Concerning Documents Incorporated by Reference
1.4 Basic Disclosure about the Distribution
1.5 Name and Address of Issuer
1.6 Distribution
1.6.1 Offering price in currency other than Canadian dollar
1.7 Non-Fixed Price Distributions
1.7.1 Pricing Disclosure
1.8 Reduced Price Distributions
1.9 Market for Securities
1.10 Underwriter(s)
1.11 International Issuers
1.12 Restricted Securities
1.13 Earnings Coverage Ratios

Item 2 Summary Description of Business

2.1 Summary Description of Business

Item 3 Consolidated Capitalization

3.1 Consolidated Capitalization

Item 4 Use of Proceeds

4.1 Proceeds
4.2 Principal Purposes – Generally
4.3 Principal Purposes – Indebtedness
4.4 Principal Purposes – Asset Acquisition
4.5 Principal Purposes – Insiders, etc.
4.6 Principal Purposes – Research and Development
4.7 Business Objectives and Milestones
4.8 Unallocated Funds in Trust or Escrow
4.9 Other Sources of Funding
4.10 Financing by Special Warrants, etc.

Item 5 Plan of Distribution

5.1 Disclosure of Conditions to Underwriters’ Obligations
5.2 Best Efforts Offering
5.3 Determination of Price
5.4 Stabilization
5.4.1 Underwriting Discounts – Interests of Management and Others in Material Transactions
5.5 Minimum Distribution
5.5.1 Approvals
5.6 Reduced Price Distributions
5.7 Listing Application
5.8 Conditional Listing Approval
5.9 Constraints
5.10 Special Warrants Acquired by Underwriters or Agents

Item 6 Earnings Coverage Ratios

6.1 Earnings Coverage Ratios

Item 7 Description of Securities Being Distributed

7.1 Equity Securities
7.2 Debt Securities
7.3 Asset-backed Securities
7.4 Derivatives
7.5 Other Securities
7.6 Special Warrants, etc.
7.7 Restricted Securities
7.8 Modification of Terms
7.9 Ratings
7.10 Other Attributes

Item 7A Prior Sales

7A.1 Prior Sales
7A.2 Trading Price and Volume

Item 8 Selling Securityholder

8.1 Selling Securityholder

Item 9 Mineral Property

9.1 Mineral Property

Item 10 Recently Completed and Probable Acquisitions

10.1 Application and Definitions
10.2 Significant Acquisitions

Item 10A Reverse Takeover and Probable Reverse Takeover

10A.1 Completed Reverse Takeover Disclosure
10A.2 Probable Reverse Takeover Disclosure

Item 11  Documents Incorporated by Reference

11.1 Mandatory Incorporation by Reference
11.2 Mandatory Incorporation by Reference of Future Documents
11.3 Issuers without a Current AIF or Current Annual Financial Statements
11.4 Significant Acquisition for Which No Business Acquisition Report is Filed

Item 12 Additional Disclosure for Issues of Guaranteed Securities

12.1 Credit Supporter Disclosure

Item 13 Exemptions for Certain Issues of Guaranteed Securities

13.1 Definitions and Interpretations
13.2 Issuer is Wholly-owned Subsidiary of Parent Credit Supporter
13.3 Issuer is Wholly-owned Subsidiary of, and One or More Subsidiary Credit Supporters Controlled by, Parent Credit Supporter
13.4 One or More Credit Supporters Controlled by Issuer

Item 14 Relationship between Issuer or Selling Securityholder and Underwriter

14.1 Relationship between Issuer or Selling Securityholder and Underwriter

Item 15 Interest of Experts

15.1 Names of Experts
15.2 Interest of Experts
15.3 Exemption

Item 16 Promoters

16.1 Promoters

Item 17 Risk Factors

17.1 Risk Factors

Item 18 Other Material Facts

18.1 Other Material Facts

Item 19 Exemptions from the Instrument

19.1 Exemptions from the Instrument

Item 20 Statutory Rights of Withdrawal and Rescission

20.1 General
20.2 Non-fixed Price Offerings

Item 21 Certificates

21.1 Certificates
21.2 Issuer Certificate Form
21.3 Underwriter Certificate Form
21.4 Amendments