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Securities Law

54-101 Communication with Beneficial Owners of Securities of a Reporting Issuer


Document Published Effective
54-101F1 Explanation to Clients and Client Response Form [F] 2010-12-30 2011-01-01
54-101F2 Request for Beneficial Ownership Information [F] 2013-02-08 2013-02-11
54-101F3 Omnibus Proxy (Depositories) [F] 2002-06-21 2002-07-01
54-101F4 Omnibus Proxy (Proximate Intermediaries) [F] 2002-06-28 2002-07-01
54-101F5 Electronic Format for NOBO List [F] 2013-02-08 2013-02-11
54-101F6 Request for Voting Instructions made by Reporting Issuer [F] 2013-02-08 2013-02-11
54-101F7 Request for Voting Instructions made by Intermediary [F] 2013-02-08 2013-02-11
54-101F9 Undertaking [F] 2013-02-08 2013-02-11
54-101F10 Undertaking [F] 2013-02-08 2013-02-11

Proposed Amendments