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51-325 - Status of Proposed Repeal and Substitution of Form 51-102F6 Statement of Executive Compensation [CSA Staff Notice - Rescinded]

Published Date: 2007-08-31
Rescinded Date: 2008-12-31

Concurrently Published:

The securities regulatory authorities in all Canadian jurisdictions are issuing this notice to update market participants on the status of our review of executive compensation disclosure requirements.

On March 29, 2007, the securities regulatory authority in every Canadian jurisdiction published for comment proposed Form 51-102F6 - Statement of Executive Compensation.  The comment period expired on June 30, 2007.  We received and reviewed 41 comment letters. 

After extensive review and consideration of the comments received, we have decided to revise the proposal and delay implementation. 

We will publish an amended version of proposed Form 51-102F6 for comment later this year.  Consequently, the CSA will not implement proposed Form 51-102F6 on December 31, 2007 as originally indicated.  Furthermore, the CSA will not implement an amended Form 51-102F6 for fiscal years ending before June 30, 2008.  We will continue to update market participants.

Please refer your questions to any of:

Ontario Securities Commission

Iva Vranic
Manager, Corporate Finance
(416) 593-8115

Carmen Tang
Legal Counsel, Corporate Finance
(416) 593-8215

Deepali Kapur
Accountant, Corporate Finance
(416) 593-8256


British Columbia Securities Commission

Andrew Richardson
Deputy Director, Corporate Finance
(604) 899-6730
(800) 373-6393 (toll free in B.C and Alberta)


Alison Dempsey
Senior Legal Counsel, Corporate Finance
(604) 899-6638
(800) 373-6393 (toll free in B.C and Alberta)

Alberta Securities Commission

Tom Graham
Director, Corporate Finance
(403) 297-5355


Lara Gaede
Associate Chief Accountant
(403) 297-4223

Autorité des marchés financiers

Lucie J. Roy
Conseillère en réglementation 
Service de la réglementation
Surintendance aux marchés des valeurs
(514) 395-0337, poste 4364

Pasquale Di Biasio
Analyste, Information financière
Direction des marchés des capitaux
(514) 395-0337, poste 4385

Denise Houde
Chef de la réglementation
Service de la réglementation
Surintendance aux marchés des valeurs
(514) 397-0337, poste 4361



August 31, 2007